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Being our clients’ trusted companion in their senior years.

nurses taking care of seniors in a retirement home
We understand that it is important that your loved ones should not be left alone at home. That is why our Companion Services offers our cherished seniors the opportunity to make their golden years more fulfilling by doing the things they love and having someone by their side. Our caregivers can ensure that they won’t have to be lonely while they age or recover at home. May it be outdoor or indoor activities, our home care professionals will accompany them and make sure they are safe, healthy, and happy.

Companion/Sitter services include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • Providing companionship, friendship and emotional support;
  • Talking listening, sharing experiences;
  • Playing games/cards, reading to client etc;
  • Helping keep clients in contact with family, friends and the outside world;
  • Providing transportation to medical appointments, grocery store and errands;
  • Accompanying clients to recreational and/or social events;
  • Assisting with plans for visits and outings;
  • Writing or typing letters/correspondence;
  • Organizing and reading mail;
  • Planning local trips and out-of-town travel with clients;
  • Teaching/performing meal planning and preparation;
  • Performing light housekeeping;
  • Accompanying client on walks;
  • Reminding client to take medication;
  • Reminding client to start or finish meals; and,
  • Assisting with pet care;
  • Companion/sitter services shall not include any personal or hands-on care.

To know more about the Companion Services we offer, contact us or set an appointment with us today.