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Touching the lives of the elderly we serve by providing compassionate and quality care.

Nana’s 24/7 Home Care provides non-medical, homecare services to clients, who may require assistance in their own homes and communities to assist in the maintenance and retention of their independence and well being. These services are responsive to the distinct needs of the client and community and are delivered by our qualified home care workers.

Non-Medical home care services assist older people to live independently in their own home by helping them with the tasks of everyday living. These services are non-medical in nature and are delivered by our qualified personnel and are sensitive to the unique needs of the client and community. These services do not require the supervision of a registered nurse and do not require a physician’s order. The tasks to be performed by our home care workers are non medical in nature and do not require clinical judgment and may be performed by unlicensed individuals.

Our home care services include, but are not limited to:


The best home care agencies carefully interview, screen, and background check their caregivers. With these processes in place, you’re sure to get someone who has been chosen to work with seniors based on verified qualifications. Agencies have bonding, theft, liability, and workers compensation coverage for their caregivers. Private caregivers often have no regulatory oversight, which can be a frightening prospect if things go away.

Private caregivers typically work for themselves. Caregivers working for a home care agency work as an employee. However, this ensures that the agency provides some level of supervision to their caregivers to ensure the needs of your loved ones are met. Especially savvy agencies like ours utilize technology combined with a home care software or home care system to monitor caregivers. Caregivers clock-in, out and track tasks by telephone, with these real time updates immediately available to agency administrators via the home care system. This means you aren’t left to wonder if caregivers showed up on time and followed the care plan! Supervisors and support staff make in home supervisory visits to ensure the highest level of customer service, safety, and care plan compliance.

With a home care agency, if your regular caregiver is ill or out of town, you have the benefit of an additional caregiver pool and the agency’s scheduling staff to help fill shifts. With a private caregiver, you may be left to scramble your schedule to make sure your senior family member receives the help they need. Agencies can provide the back up and peace of mind for the client and family.

So many private caregivers do an amazing job but their resources are limited, to no fault of their own. When clients hire an organization, there are systems in place, policies in order and a full team pushing forward to bring the best care possible to clients and their families, and therefore, ultimately the most comfortable decision for even the most difficult of client care plans.

When you work with a home care agency, you have a team of people looking after your loved ones. There are numerous people who can help or offer support to clients and families with whatever concerns or questions they have.

You will receive one-on-one care and attention from your caregiver that you can’t get in a facility. That means greater value for every dollar. Plus, your caregiver may perform tasks previously handled by an errand service, a personal chef, a housekeeper, and someone to help you get around town. Your personal caregiver can help you save money and time, too.

You are able to continue living independently in familiar surroundings because your caregiver comes to your home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re feeling ill or well, most people prefer the comfort of being in their home.

Home care providers will ensure their caregivers are getting fair pay and will handle any issues with pay raises, benefits, and time off. Individuals who hire a private caregiver are directly responsible for making sure their caregiver is paid. This means they have to handle their caregiver’s pay schedule, benefits, vacation days, and taxes.

Beyond the eight listed here, home care agencies provide many benefits that a private caregiver cannot.

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